Deal Fundamentals

What is the minimum profit you will be content with on this transaction?
What is the expected after-repair value (ARV) of your property?
How much in renovation costs would it take to get you to that ARV?
What is your anticipated time frame to renovate and sell this property?
How much of your purchase and renovation costs do you expect to finance?
(leave blank if you are an all-cash buyer)

Now, let's try to estimate all the costs associated with your transaction.
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Estimated Costs Associated with Your Transaction

These costs are estimates - feel free to change to reflect more accurate numbers.

Costs Associated with Buying Property

Title Company Charges
Transfer / Recordation Taxes
Lender Points

Costs Associated with Owning Property

Lender's Interest Rate
Annual Property Taxes
Annual Property Insurance Premium
Other Annual Expenses

Costs Associated with Selling Property

Real Estate Agent's Commissions
Transfer / Recordation Taxes
Contributions to New Buyer

Now, let's figure out the maximum price you can pay for this property.
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If you want to make $30,000 in profit,
your purchase price should not exceed $92,770

Suppose this pie figure represents Your After-repair sales price.

This is how it's likely to be allocated to different profit / cost categories.